Kanna (G & Vo), Sayuri (Dr. & Vo), and Miya (B & Vo) formed Bleach in 1998 in their homeland, Okinawa, and immediately became the number 1 girls band on the island. They performed all over Japan and gained recognition for their musical skills and breath-taking performances. In October of 2000, they performed at the legendary music club, CBGB in New York.
They had a major debut in 2001 and, in the same year, they toured in the United States which included a first-time performance at SXSW in March. After transferring to a record label in Okinawa on 2003, they performed at the Rising Sun Rock Festival in the summer. In March of 2004, Bleach made a showing at SXSW for the 3rd time and performed in 6 cities in the U.S, and in October of the same year, they toured 18 cities in the U.S. In March of 2005, they performed for the 4th time at SXSW and held a west coast U.S. tour, and in April, toured the east coast including CBGB in New York. Their performances resulted in positive reviews with the media. Bleach's debut album in the U.S. has ranked high in many college radio charts. In June, they held their 3rd U.S. tour, and participated in interviews with the media. After recording an album in the summer of 2005, they passed off 14 songs to Daniel Wyatt, a mixing engineer in New York, who is also well-versed in many genres of music. After mixing, a brand new sound was created for Bleach by Chris Athens, the mastering engineer famous for his work on Coldplay's Album "X & Y." Album “The Head That Controls Both Right And Left Sides Eats Meats And Slobbers Even Today"was released in Japan may 2006, and 2007 in the US.
Bleach's performance is a must-see because their music is very straightforward, and it is as if musical spirits are guiding them to play.
From the left " SAYURI, KANNA, MIYA "
Birthday : June 12
Blood type : type A
Hobby : fishing, watching movies
Birthday : December 30
Blood type : type B
Hobby : Embroidery
Birthday : April 14
Blood type : type A
Hobby : Comics
The Head That Controls Both Right And Left Sides
Eats Meats And Slobbers Even Today.
May 2007
March 2005
Canary Teikoku No Gyakushuu
October 2003
Hadaka no Joou
December 2001
Furueru Hana
November 2001
Odoru Kubi
July 2001
November 2000
 "Okinawa Chudoku" with various artists
 " Hiyaku 2 " with various artists
 " Benten Punk Bento " with various artists
Demo Tape " Dassyokuzai "